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Jari Komppa
04/23/06 04:57
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#114782 - lcd toy kit?
I've been thinking of possibly building some kind of low-tech "gameboy" kind of toy project. The main problem being, I can't seem to find any information on simple, low-res LCD screens. Something like 32x32 - 64x64 pixel, monochrome would be ideal.

I've found some lcd:s that are basically meant for text output (like 2 rows, 24 characters or some such), or then qvga/qcif, 16-bit color screens, which are somewhat of a overkill.

I'd also need to be able to refresh said screen at a reasonable speed (~20Hz or faster), and since I'm going to build this by hand, the higher-end screens are pretty much out of the question in any case.

The ideal, as far as I can imagine, would probably be something like a dual-port ram chips which would be read by some kind of lcd controller and written to by the microcontroller. But I'm pretty much grasping here since I don't know what I'm looking for.

And no, this is not a school project as such =)

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