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David Johnson
04/23/06 06:44
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#114785 - 27c2001 profile on 8052
Hi...I have a 27c2001 eprom attached to a 8052 in a piece of comms equipment---I am an electronics tech ,but know very little about compilers etc...I have a .bin file of the eprom profile....would anyone be able "decompile"(I'm not sure if this is the correct term) ,or give me a few clues ,if I were to email the profile to someone?..

thanks in advance

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27c2001 profile on 8052      David Johnson      04/23/06 06:44      
   Technically illegal      Steve M. Taylor      04/23/06 06:45      
      Hi---no problems Steve      David Johnson      04/23/06 06:50      
         legal or not      Jan Waclawek      04/23/06 07:33      
            Hi Jan and Andy      David Johnson      04/23/06 08:06      
               Phew      Steve M. Taylor      04/23/06 11:34      
                  What about asking the author?      Jan Waclawek      04/23/06 13:00      
                     RE: asking the author?      Andy Neil      04/24/06 01:37      
                        Too hard for a beginner??      David Johnson      04/24/06 04:45      
                  Reverse engineering      Andy Neil      04/24/06 01:32      
                  probably?      Erik Malund      04/24/06 06:37      
   Why      Andy Neil      04/23/06 07:38      
   Emulators      David Johnson      04/23/06 08:13      
      Emulators and logic analyzers      Dan Henry      04/23/06 09:57      
      yes, but to what use      Erik Malund      04/24/06 06:40      
   Profile?      Andy Neil      04/24/06 01:27      

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