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Andy Neil
09/17/09 03:10
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#168931 - "An evaluation board with a gazillion features is of no use"
As this is veering off at a tangent to the original discussion, I've started this new thread.

Per Westermark said:
An evaluation board with a gazillion features are (sic) of no use if the target hardware will never use any of them.

Indeed: I often find that so-called "Evaluation Kits" or "Development Boards" that are packed with "features" are more of a hindrance than help - because all those "features" use-up the IOs, etc, that I want for my own purposes!

It's made worse nowadays by many boards that don't provide nice jumpers to easily isolate the unwanted "features" - but require the delicate removal of tiny surface-mount links!


There is, of course a balance between "just enough" features to make the board easily usable - such as a JTAG connector, RS232, a few convenient connectors - and "too much", and my opinion of what constitutes "too much" and "just enough" will never be the same as anyone else's...

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   Should complain      Per Westermark      09/17/09 03:35      
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