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Michael Karas
04/26/10 06:14
  04/26/10 06:23

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Beaverton Or

#175390 - DIY? Kind Of
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
At the time I had engaged with another individual to help with the PC application part of the project. The thought was to share the task roughly 50/50. I am not at all intimidated at preparing such graphics type software. We were going to use the Agilent LogicWave software as a design guide. That software has a rather nice user interface and encapsulates almost all of the features needed in a product of that type. (Note that Agilent pulled the LogicWave off the market a 5 or 6 years ago and let any active support wane. This has really dismayed me since I own one and was still waiting for their promised update to get the USB port on the unit working instead of having to rely on its parallel port interface with special cable. Unit usability is not at all compatible with WinXP or Vista and so I have a used T43 that I keep with Win2K just so I can use the device.)

I looked just last night at the software for the "Logic" and it is not too bad for what it supports. Their serial protocol decoding features are a nice addition that was not originally in my plan but could have been added.

If you go read the blog of Joe Garrison, linked from the bottom of the Saleae web site you will see that he has found the software to be a major task, particularly in trying to get it ported over to Linux and Mac. Note Joe is the guy behind Saleae.

Michael Karas

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