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Jan Waclawek
04/26/10 14:21
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#175414 - it's a long way from idea to the real stuff
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
Michael Karas said:
Some years ago I did a paper design for a Logic Analyzer design that I wanted to consider making into a product. At the time I say the design as a Cypress USB MCU, a DDR memory (two chips run in ping pong to get 2X data storage rate and deep size) and a medium sized FPGA to implement all the real time control of the memory and the trigger logic. That was back in about 2005 and even then my budget estimates showed a profitable product at a sale price of some where between $89 and $119 depending upon if the unit has 1x or 2x RAM chips populated.


Please don't take this as underestimation or belittling or whatever. From my experience, it takes quite an effort to get from a concept to anything at least partially usable.

I've been marginally involved in the miniLA project (64k x 32, 100MSps), of which several pieces are known to be built and tested in several countries. I have one, I believe operational, but haven't used it for anything "real" ever - the Intronix is far superior, no wonder. It took five (5) people to push it through different key stages (and a dozen more contributing) until it came true (funny thing, one of them NEVER intended to build it... he just wanted to help one of his friends so he drew the PCB and arranged the manufacturing of it... and then other people asked him to make more...), and it took several years to get it to the state it is now.

I've with a friend also started a similar one, dubbed picoLA, with a 64k x 16 sample memory and 66MSps sample rate, controlled by a ridiculously small CPLD and a 8051 (!) ;-) (actually, TWO 8051, but that was just a quirk of mine my friend was not strong enough to talk off - one of them is not really needed). Built the prototypes, wrote the firmware and some proof-of-concept PC software, then it went zombie... :-(

I know both of these are hobby stuff and making something for living IS different - but not easier nor simpler, mind.


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