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Per Westermark
04/26/10 14:41
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#175415 - Definitely a lot of work in the software
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
Jan Waclawek said:
At the end of the day, I am happy I am not forced to use some of these "soundcard-like" USB gadgets and can use the real stuff.

I'm not similarly blessed.

I have a two-channel scope with very short memory depth (2500 or 4000 samples) making it unusable for looking at protocol data.

Or I have a PicoScope with (I think) 256k samples when using both channels. Two channels is too little for SPI but for 1-wire or similar, I have written a PC program that processes the captured data and decodes the information.

The USBee-DX looks quite nice. Enough channels to be meaningful, and it seems quite easy to create own filters.

The question is if the 8 extra digital channels and the two analog channels are worth the price difference to the Logic. It would probably take a week of experimentation to figure out their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Jan Waclawek said:
Please don't take this as underestimation or belittling or whatever. From my experience, it takes quite an effort to get from a concept to anything at least partially usable.

Yes, it does take a lot of time and efford, which is the reason why so many commercial projects falls way short of their real potential. See the PicoScope series for example. The PC software is not nice at all. It seems like the developers have never played with real hardware and spent time thinking about how an engineer would use the tools. They have settled for some form of generic graphical PC program, instead of optimizing for real-life use.

I have more than once, when trying this kind of magic gadgest, been thinking about contacting the companies and asking them if they need help with the PC side since the programs often have holes large enough to run cars through.

Good software can take many months or years of development time, so it is easy to understand that so many hobby projects ends up with just prof-of-concept programs.

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