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Michael Karas
04/26/10 17:00
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Beaverton Or

#175417 - Efforts Are Huge!!
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
There is _no_ question that a product qualty software product is a huge amount of effort. Having done some I can attest to that first hand. Some of my experiences were with XTree Gold and XTree Link, products I worked on years ago. I've also designed industrial machine control programs with user interfaces, some of which have been in use in industry over a span of 20 years or one or more renditions.

Im extreme interest in doing a LA product some 6 or 7 years ago was driven out of a need for such a device and wanting to make something better than that was cheaply agailable at the time. As I said before part of my drive was exhausted by a move across the country. Another part of the loss of incentive was that I had acquired a LogicWave unit from Agilent. I still think that the Agilent PC based software that came with the LogicWave was excellent quality. I'm sure that they invested a sizable pile of change in its development. If you want to look at the software let me know and I can guide you as to where to download it and run it in demo mode.
Michael Karas

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