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06/17/10 14:36
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#176733 - Since you brought it up....
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
What markets are appropriate for the 8051/2? As I have been reading, in particular this article:

NXP is saying that the 8-bit industry is dead, while ST is claiming it is alive and kicking. There are no specific high dollar margins for an 8-bit mcu anymore unless the application is extremely rare. Of course, everyone is in agreement that the 8-bit market is dominated by the 8051/2. Other people have made the point that an employer can easily hire someone to program for an 8-bit mcu while 16/32 bit mcu require someone to "fly" in for the job. What I mainly see the 8051/2 doing in applications is giving peripherals to the 16/32 bit devices. You'll notice a mouse or a keyboard will still contain an 8-bit mcu (at least I hope), as an example. So, what would be appropriate?

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