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06/18/10 10:10
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#176750 - Scripting for development and testing
Responding to: Juergen Christoph's previous message
Juergen Christoph said:
To 'monitor', and only monitor, any serial COM port communication I'm using Portmon from Sysinternals Suite (By Mark Russinovich).

I didn't notice this in the Sysinternals Suite before! After trying it for a little while, it doesn't seem to monitor correctly with my TCL scripts (lots of messages about checking the status of the com port, but no actual data). Even if it did show data, I'm not sure if this is really the right serial port monitor for external events, as has been mentioned before.

Juergen Christoph said:
To 'control' I use whatever is needed in the current test case, either a simple terminal program, or an already existing application that communicates with an existing device.

Does that mean that you're using C? MS-DOS batch scripting? Hardware with custom test firmware? Hardware tests I get, and use often, but it seems very desirable to have a robust PC-based scripting language for development, automated testing (to whatever degree possible), and to aid Production in various ways.

Juergen Christoph said:
So I distinguish between monitor and control.

Good idea! Now lets talk control.

I assume that everyone using 8051 has a need to send things and test results over some kind of serial link. What do you all do to meet that need, specifically. VB6 has been mentioned, as have a handful of proprietary programs with their own scripting languages, and of course TCL. Based on what has been discussed so far, there is huge open space for someone to make a program or language subset or some other combination of tools to meet this common need better. I'm thinking of something like LUA which is more or less targeted for serial scripting (embedded generally) which is simple but very functional.

As it turns out, it seems that I want a ready solution that is completely tailored to my every need ;)



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