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Ralph Sac
10/02/11 14:23
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#183966 - To be or not to be 32bit or 64bit
Hi to all members:

About 2 years I purchased new computer because my xp laptop did not work any more.For some reason manufacturers want to only sell win7 64bit systems. I got deal on new Dell inspiron 1545 dual core processor. So I figured I just see what the advantages were of 64bit system. I don't really see that many. I though Microsoft compatibility program would take care of my software problems and I was wrong. I have Metalink Assembler that works in dos so figured I will just change the dos so looks like XP or Vista no such luck. Even though I was able to get upgrades for my 89 series programmer for the driver so I use it on my 64bit system no luck for Metalink Assembler. Is their Metalink Assembler work around for 64bit system? Or do I have use different pc just to use it. I like having all my files on one machine for programming. Has any of members to 8052 had similar problems like mine? And has anyone found any advantage to 64bit system? I like all opinions I get on this subject. Thanks in advantage for your idea's. Is their assembler that,s free or good Metalink or cheap but similar to Metalink, I don't want learn new assembler just because of Microsoft pushing 64bit machines to the stores.

Best reguards,

Ralph Sac

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                  I have to agree ...      Richard Erlacher      10/03/11 14:37      
   4+GB of RAM.      Christoph Franck      10/24/11 02:35      
      You just need more than 4GB      Per Westermark      10/24/11 03:02      
         I haven't really noticed that      Richard Erlacher      10/24/11 09:09      
            Not machines      Per Westermark      10/24/11 09:57      
         stuff that needs RAM      Andy Peters      10/24/11 13:29      
            Few non-specialist programs needs lots of RAM      Per Westermark      10/24/11 15:23      
               Even software that doesn't use the RAM itself profits.      Christoph Franck      10/25/11 04:25      

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