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Ralph Sac
10/06/11 00:33
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#184086 - Adobe Digital Editions strange
Hi to all members:

Have any of the members used Adobe Digital Editions. It's something like zinio that is used for magazine subscriptions. I use and I purchased 3 books and read them on line or offline if I use Adobe Digital Editions. Here's what I do not understand I download one book after the newest reader is installed everything is great. I download second book and first book is gone from library. If download the third book second book and first book gone from library. Here's even if I did changing books on download I would run out of licenses which I did. Since Digital Editions works and I have most recent updates. I must have something to do with where files are placed on download.BTW I installed and unstalled software four times no change. Any idea's on what's happening?

Best regards,

Ralph Sac

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