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Ralph Sac
10/09/11 13:40
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#184143 - Disassemblers are they really that good?
Hi all members:

It's my birthday today so figured I ask this question. Why mention birthday? Because it's nice to be alive with all these famous people passing away. Anyway here's my question.

I downloaded trail for PE Explorer which is disassembler for opening bin files such as .dll or .exe just to see how files put together in .dll or .exe with coments. I took .exe that had million bytes in it and opened it and disassembled it. I quess even if you gave me 1 million dollars I could not write coments for the code. Being you are all professional programmers could any of you decode 1 million bytes of code weather it's for windows or 8051 assembler? So why would programmer today try hide code if it would be that differcult to decode? The code in software is so large I don't even think original programmer could write coments for code if he lost the coments? I did learn one thing people that write disassembler code must really be smart. I was blowned away how much these new assemblers can really do for the programmer.

Anyway I like all the opinions on this topic I can get wheather about 8051 or any disassemblers. I though this tool would teach me something about binary files. The only thing I learned is you must be really good programmer to understand this type tool for very large code.

Best regards,

Ralph Sac

P.S. Turned 60 today so I guess it's not bad age being still alive.

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