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Mahmood Elnasser
10/12/11 12:00
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#184191 - ARM timming
I'm reading many books about ARM now and building one development board, bought over 6 development boards with touch screen. Looks like I will not look back for other microcontrollers for my new designs.
During my reading I noticed that there is uncertainity with timing due to the pipeline, branch instructions flush the pipeline, does this cause problems with timing for example if I want to do special one wire interface for the DHT11 say with C language which requires timing by software? or is this uncertainity too short to be noticed?
All books I could find about ARM:
    1. ARM Architecture Reference Manual.
    2. ARM Assembly Language Programming.
    3. ARM Programming Techniques.
    4. ARM System Developers Guide - Designing and Optimizing System Software.
    5. ARM System on Chip Architecture - 2nd Edition [2000]
    6. ARM_Cross_Development_with_Eclipse.
    7. Cortex-M3 programming manual.
    8. Cortex™-M3 Technical Reference Manual.
    9. Co-verification of Hardware and Software for ARM SoC Design - [2005].
   10. Embedded Systems - ARM Programming Techniques.
   11. The insider's guide to the philips ARM-7 based microcontrollers.
   13. Real-Time Embedded Multithreading - Using ThreadX and ARM.
   14. KEIL Getting Started For ARM Processor-Based Microcontrollers Building    
       Applications with RL-ARM.
   15. STM32F100xxReference Manual.
   16. The Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M3 - 2nd Edition.

are there other books I missed? not counting datasheets ofcourse.


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      You can never rely on timing with High-Level Languages!      Andy Neil      10/12/11 14:01      
         yes      Mahmood Elnasser      10/12/11 15:03      
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