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Jez Smith
10/15/11 11:57
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#184217 - My adventures with recruiters
So I recently finished my contract at the cancer radio therapy machine place and put my CV onto a few websites and started getting 40-50 phone calls a day from agencies, all asking the same set questions and a lot of them representing the same clients, so I got a few interviews and was going though the second round interview stage when my new employer phoned me up out of the blue and asked me in for an interview, offered me the job and asked me to start almost immediately.

Soo this is the good bit, one of the agencies found out where I was working for and started phoning them up saying 'oh we sent you his CV but you employed him directly, which is against the Geneva convention at least and you owe us loads on money.

It turns out the agency had sent my employer my CV without telling me which is illegal and my employer hadn't agreed to any terms with the agency anyway.

So just be careful some of these recruitment agencies are ruthless

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