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Erik Malund
10/21/11 09:18
  10/21/11 09:18

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Mt Airy, Nc

#184299 - an impression
this is my impression re ARM tools, anyone share it or disagree?.
I have worked with both Keil ARM and IAR ARM. I'm mainly interested because some day I may be the one choosing the compiler.

My impression is: Keil is "in bed with" NXP and IAR is "in bed with" ST


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an impression      Erik Malund      10/21/11 09:18      
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   Can I draw a conclusion?      Neil Kurzman      10/21/11 17:54      
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      what triggered my impression      Erik Malund      10/22/11 07:42      
         "Support"      Andy Neil      10/22/11 07:56      
            usually what tools you have ...      Erik Malund      10/24/11 07:04      

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