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Jez Smith
10/23/11 02:07
  10/23/11 02:30

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#184321 - wot I don't understand is....
Why they cannot simply arrest and section this Harold Camping guy his mad end of predictions have caused his deluded followers to sell all their belongings and some have even committed suicide, and every time his end of the world prediction fails he just makes up a new date.
There must be something like the mental health act in american where someone can be detained in a mental hospital for the protection of themselves and other people.

Personally i blame this stupid freedom of speech idea where any mad man can stand up in America and shout the most insane things and nobody can do a thing about it.

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wot I don't understand is....      Jez Smith      10/23/11 02:07      
   People have to think for themselves.      Per Westermark      10/23/11 05:12      
      Yes, we're all individuals!      Rob Klein      10/23/11 05:47      
         What troubles me ...      Richard Erlacher      10/23/11 10:49      
            Its very simil      Jez Smith      10/23/11 12:22      
               Difference      Per Westermark      10/23/11 12:41      
               Double post ... sorry!      Richard Erlacher      10/23/11 20:30      
               Some time back ...      Richard Erlacher      10/23/11 20:30      
            Unfortunatetly, "thinking" doesn't help.      Christoph Franck      10/24/11 02:29      
               you're probably right      Richard Erlacher      10/24/11 08:59      
                  No. More a question of hands-on feedback from known sources      Per Westermark      10/24/11 09:54      
   why he can't be arrested      Andy Peters      10/24/11 13:21      
      Shouldn't it matter HOW he practices his religion?      Richard Erlacher      10/25/11 07:59      
         limits      Andy Peters      10/25/11 12:20      
            While I agree with you ...      Richard Erlacher      10/25/11 18:56      

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