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Andy Neil
11/11/11 16:08
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#184656 - Interpreted Languages?
One of the oft-claimed advantages of Interpreted Languages is that you don't have the overhead of the "build" cycle.

As I'm currently working with an Interpreted Language (Python - not on an 8051), I'm coming to think that this is not (necessarily) all it's cracked-up to be:

  • A "conventional" build (compiler, linker, etc) has to check all the code for syntax & semantics before it will give you anything to run;

  • An interpreter, on the other hand, may not actually notice such errors until it actually tries to "run" the offending line - which could be some considerable time into the program

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       runtime errors      Jan Waclawek      11/12/11 05:22      
          You can't      Per Westermark      11/12/11 05:42      
          You missed the point!      Andy Neil      11/12/11 05:42      
             Not always worth it with interpreted languaes      Per Westermark      11/12/11 06:11      
                I like your thinking      Justin Fontes      11/15/11 10:40      
                   Many FORTH implementations are interpreted, aren't they?      Richard Erlacher      11/15/11 11:08      
                      Forth      Per Westermark      11/15/11 11:29      
       Maybe a comparison?      Justin Fontes      11/15/11 10:14      

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