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Kai Klaas
11/12/11 06:17
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#184679 - Against the forget...
Responding to: Ralph Sac's previous message
We must never forget what happened!

Kai Klaas

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I wish all Veterans great day today        Ralph Sac      11/11/11 14:37      
   Time warp      Per Westermark      11/11/11 14:42      
      I think you just being funny      Ralph Sac      11/11/11 18:15      
         I don't think he's trying to be funny at all ...      Richard Erlacher      11/12/11 00:15      
   It's not all about America!!      Andy Neil      11/11/11 15:24      
      You are wright Andy      Ralph Sac      11/11/11 18:11      
   Against the forget...        Kai Klaas      11/12/11 06:17      

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