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Oliver Sedlacek
11/15/11 00:03
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#184743 - P-code and others
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
There is actually a large number of intermediate implementations around. The ones that spring to mind are P-code (for Pascal), JVM (the Java Virtual Machine), MSIL (the Microsoft Intermediate Language) and Forth. In addition to some of the advantages mentioned, I can add:

Rapid porting of the development environment. The Pascal compiler was itself compiled to P-code, which meant that ones you had developed a P-code interpretor for a new target you could run the Pascal compiler on the target. This was significant when there were few cross compilers around, so it's less of an advantage these days.

Development using multiple source languages. The Microsoft MSIL approach allows code written in differnt source language to be linked together and work together seamlessly.

I still find Forth interesting, but don't see any use for it these days.

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