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11/18/11 12:08
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#184797 - оn-chip Debug for AT89C51RE2

1) I found that AT89C51RE2 support оn-chip Debug via 2 wires;

Please advice the schematic, program and if exist any How-To resource.

2) Besides, on their website asserts that Labcenter Electronics Proteus VSM supports ,AT89C51RE2,. Im using last v7.8 SP2 and there are no any similar chip like RE2. May be they mean 3-rd party simulate model ? Need to simulate 2 MCU.

Thanks a lot.

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оn-chip Debug for AT89C51RE2      Alex Volk      11/18/11 12:08      
   RTFM      Andy Neil      11/18/11 13:53      

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