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Michael Karas
11/23/11 14:32
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Beaverton Or

#184872 - Parallel Port Capture
Has anyone done anything with trying to capture parallel port output from one PC over into another PC over something like USB?

I need to use the parallel port of an embedded PC type system to log checkpoint status information from a real time application. The data gathering would be handled via some Windows based laptop using USB.

I found one web site where a guy supposedly built a capture device using the FTDI FT245R USB<-->FIFO chip. Any one used FT245R for data capture coming in over the parallel port to USB on the capture PC side?

If you did try that how well does the FTDI USB driver for the FIFO chip handle the incoming data flow when operating in the virtual COMM port mode?

Michael Karas

PS. I'll post the link to the FT245R project page when I get a chance to look it up.


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