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Erik Malund
11/25/11 10:21
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Mt Airy, Nc

#184901 - a myth debunked ?
this article show that a switcher gives less VCC noise than a linear regulator.

YES, I know that you may be able to find a noiser switcher, and, maybe, a quiter linear, but at least, the "a linear supply is always quiter than a switcher" is disproven.

I am aware, this is where the regulator follows a switcher, but todays power factor regulations almost makes the transformer/recifier "first supply" a thing of the past.


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a myth debunked ?      Erik Malund      11/25/11 10:21      
   Same old?      Andy Neil      11/26/11 05:43      
   Hhm...      Kai Klaas      11/26/11 07:45      
      no, I did not      Erik Malund      11/26/11 07:48      
         Babble of marketing people...      Kai Klaas      11/26/11 08:06      
            read it all      Erik Malund      11/26/11 08:16      
               There's no need for HF-ripple rejection...        Kai Klaas      11/26/11 09:05      
               ... what's more important ...      Richard Erlacher      11/26/11 09:11      
                  whatever      Erik Malund      11/26/11 09:37      
                     But the article claims it...      Kai Klaas      11/26/11 09:57      
                        even the article states      Erik Malund      11/26/11 10:48      
                           Switchers ARE beautiful...      Kai Klaas      11/26/11 13:20      
                        do linear regulators ever "produce" ripple?      Richard Erlacher      11/27/11 00:39      
                           getting more and more irrevelant      Erik Malund      11/27/11 07:32      
                              Perhaps, but where else would ripple originate?      Richard Erlacher      11/27/11 10:09      
                                 still missing the point      Erik Malund      11/28/11 06:55      
                                    Why do you see this as "becoming more mandatory"?      Richard Erlacher      11/28/11 08:45      
                                       you can't do PFC without      Erik Malund      11/28/11 09:04      
                                          Vice versa...      Kai Klaas      11/28/11 11:57      
                                             Not so fast      Rob Klein      11/28/11 14:26      
                                          fortunately, PSU's are not on my deliverables list      Richard Erlacher      11/29/11 15:29      
                                       I'm with Eric      Oliver Sedlacek      11/29/11 08:14      
                                          Disadvantage of switched-mode supplies...      Kai Klaas      11/29/11 12:04      
                                             Huge crest factor      Per Westermark      11/30/11 03:58      
                                                Numbers...      Kai Klaas      11/30/11 08:30      
                           It depends on load      Mahmood Elnasser      11/27/11 08:28      

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