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Andy Peters
11/30/11 09:31
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Tucson, Az

#184961 - re: Thanks
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
Mahmood Elnasser said:
Yes that is smart thanks, I was thinking to keep checking the touch screen every few 100 milliseconds, but your way is much neater and more efficient.
Do you need to do averaging?
Do you need De-Bounce?

For the little thing I rigged up, using a LCD touchscreen from SparkFun, I didn't ... but it might make sense to average. It's an exercise for the reader whether it's better to read X multiple times and then read Y multiple times, or alternate reading X and Y several times (accumulating with each read then averaging after all reads are complete).

How do you assign tolerences? I'm thinking of making areas where they give same result, something like a keypad, anywhere you touch inside the key it gives you number. It sounds fun.

I didn't assign tolerances, but I recall that the LCD resolution was pretty low and the converters are 12 bits, so conversion results are "better" than you need. That might be why I didn't bother averaging.


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