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Per Westermark
12/10/11 13:21
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#185065 - Cost - and what type of protection/detection
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
As noted, cost is relative here.

- Cost as in imported special components.
- Cost as in time to implement.
- Cost as in consuming extra processor resources to monitor the sensor.
- Cost as in special cabling needed.
- Cost as in more board space for sensor normalization.

Next thing is that different sensors have different use. There are several groups of problems to solve.
- shell protection. I.e. sensors for doors, windows, ...
- volume protection. Microphones, PIR-sensors, light beams, cameras, ...
- environmental protection. Smoke, temperature, moisture, ...
- object protection. Weight sensor, switches, capacitance, ...

One type of sensor not mentioned above is a oscillator design, where you basically measures capacitance or inductance - if a metal object is moved or a wet body (human) moves, then the resonance frequency changes.

These kind of sensors can be quite hard to fool and just like PIR sensors they can be used as volume sensors. But also as shell protection. Just putting your hand on a door handle can be detected (with or without glove on). Or the sensor electronics could be behind a painting and detect people walking in front of the painting.

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