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Michael Karas
12/11/11 21:21
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Beaverton Or

#185074 - If you have ...
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
I you have a reliable and not easily accidental way to put the clock thing into "set mode" then I'd think that the user interface with a touch screen could simply let the user touch over a specific digit such as hour low digit and have that increment as desired till it gets to the desired value. Same for an other digit. The day can be set simply poking at the particular day LED.

Personally I think a touch screen is way way overkill for a clock / calendar device. It is so easy to make a clock set algorithm work with a SET, UP and DONE buttons. Heck you can even purge the DOWN button and get by with just two buttons for setting dste/time.

Michael Karas

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