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Jecksons Ben
12/11/11 23:41
  12/11/11 23:47

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#185075 - OK..great..maybe Links
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Thank you all

[On/Off connected to one of "sensitive leg" AT89S51/2 which related to firmware ]

As we knew that simple switch maybe very-very cheap--->the knob that appears from boxes(maybe below).
But that way only at "hard base" and "weight of Box" related to switch operation(ON/OFF).
What about soft base?like placing at above bed.
Shake the box? without pull from base..
Let that for "portable" equipments.

First,I'm thought with low cost accellerometer(1 axis/2 axis).But NO at local electronic stores.

Then,I saw only "reed switches" and the cost very cheap.

Placing very low cost magnet(with Ballpoint pegas),which taken from pulpen..

So,like like this:
In magnifier...(I only used 1 magnet and 1 spring).

I'm calculated the flexibility of spring(tug the spring of pulpen for it) and distance of magnet to reed switch for operation of thief protection.

Maybe there's another ways?links?

Thank you
Jeckson S Ben

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