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Jecksons Ben
12/17/11 03:44
  12/17/11 04:26

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#185135 - cost
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
Jeckson, I believe that when Richard or Andy ask for a number, they're asking about cost per unit, not projected sales volume. How much (or how little) do you want to spend on each alarm sensor?

with MCUs,It's only 2 US$(AT89S51/52 or MSP430) include "thief sensor".
For ATmega perhaps only 4-7 US$.Depends with kind of ATmega's
with NXP LPC..I'm still looking the tables price of NXP.

The simplest solution would simply be to mount a micro-switch on the rack that is contacted by the case. If the case is removed (even a fraction of an inch) the contacts trigger an alarm, but as long as the case is securely mounted to the rack the circuit will be completely insensitive to shock induced false alarms.

As we knew that simple switch maybe very-very cheap--->the knob that appears from boxes(maybe below).
But that way only at "hard base" and "weight of Box" related to switch operation(ON/OFF).
What about soft base?like placing at above bed.
Shake the box? without pull from base..
Let that for "portable" equipments.

Thank you
Jeckson S Ben

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