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Richard Erlacher
12/18/11 16:38
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Denver, Co

#185151 - well, nothing of interest to anyone else ...
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
As some of you may recall, I got married last Christmas, after 30 years of bachelorhood (I was gunshy after two previous marriages).

I've focused mainly on two things. (1) learning to live within the confines of that relationship, and (2) gradually easing into retirement.

Those are bit, as far as I'm concerned, though I'm gradually getting to do some things I've wanted for some years to do, e.g. extend some of the low-level experimentation with respect to nonvolatile memory and RESET and their interaction with Vcc behavior.

I'm also fiddling with a simple mechanism to extend the address bus during long automatically generated address incrementation in the DS89C450, and with a really simple way to recover P0 and P2 I/O "sacrificed" to external memory bus generation. Now that things are slowing down, I have a little time to play.

Unfortunately, my wife finds this unproductive, so she seems always to have a "honey-do" list. ... <sigh> ... I'll publish when I have something, but, in the meantime, I'll be washing the kitchen floor, and brushing the dog ... etc, etc.


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