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Bert Van Den Berg
12/19/11 10:26
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New Zealand

#185162 - Most interesting and challenging of the bunch was . . . .
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
A 3D ultrasonic wind speed/direction sensor for sailboats

Other projects through the year:

Precision seawater temperature gauge with 0.01 deg F resolution for fish killers.
High resolution sonar with 0.01 foot resolution for mapping river bottoms.
CANBUS engine monitor for fire trucks with 240x320 color graphics display.
DC Energy monitor (KW and AMP-HOURS) for alternative energy sites.
Custom sonar fish depth locator for salmon aqua-farming equipment manufacturer.
Autopilot control head for boats.

Wishing everyone happy holidays, an improving economy and a prosperous 2012.



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