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Matthias Arndt
12/22/11 00:54
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#185175 - Software design placement of filter algorithms
Hello together,

this is a more generic topic regarding software design of placement of filter algorithms within the application architecture.

Assume the application samples a raw input, maybe directly the result of an ADC conversion.
This value is later interpreted as a physical value like a temperature or pressure and likely to be imprecise and has some jitter. Thus a filter is needed.

Which way would you choose?
a) filter the raw ADC value first, convert it later to a physical representation on the application layer
b) first convert to physical representation on the application layer and filter it afterwards

(Physical representation here means a fixedpoint representation such as 1/10 degrees celsius per bit)

I personally feel a bit undecided which one to choose. It probably depends on the actual hardware in use.

Are there any comments or general design guidelines on this topic?


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Software design placement of filter algorithms      Matthias Arndt      12/22/11 00:54      
   Depends      Per Westermark      12/22/11 01:05      
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   Determined by linearity      Oliver Sedlacek      12/22/11 06:08      
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      Bipolar ADCs can have 2's complement output      Kalpak Dabir      12/23/11 05:50      
   Yes, it depends.      Christoph Franck      12/23/11 03:38      

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