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Andy Peters
12/23/11 09:48
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Tucson, Az

#185198 - re: Hardware or software
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
Mahmood Elnasser said:
It works great with 4 analog / digital pins of microcontroller. Actually it was perfect first time. However looking at the way Arm development board did it they used a dedicated resistive touch screen controller chip ADS7843.
Generally is it better to choose a dedicated chip for this type of job or do it easy way using 4 analog / digital pins of a microcontroller and software?

If you don't have to add a dedicated chip to the design to accomplish a task, then you save money -- BOM cost, board space, power-supply, etc.

So if the processor can manage the task without otherwise impacting anything else it does, then leave off the specialist chip.

If your processor is very busy and can't manage the new task, then you have no choice in the matter.


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