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Mahmood Elnasser
01/02/12 13:23
  01/02/12 13:24

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#185277 - MLX90614 IR Thermometer
I have been fighting with interfacing the MLX90614A IR thermometer using the I2C module of the PIC with no luck.I read in the datasheet that the smbus is compatible with i2c at low clock rates below 100 khz. However I managed to interface it with assembly using bit bang technique. But I need to do it in C where bit banging didn't work.
Has anyone interfaced it?

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MLX90614 IR Thermometer      Mahmood Elnasser      01/02/12 13:23      
   Leave as ASM      Michael Karas      01/03/12 06:23      
   RE: "I need to do it in C" ??      Andy Neil      01/03/12 13:20      
      let me guess      Stefan KAnev      01/03/12 23:24      
      Sensor gone      Mahmood Elnasser      01/04/12 09:39      
         the main diffrence between SMB and IC      Erik Malund      01/04/12 09:48      
   SMBus is like I2C....      Neil Kurzman      01/03/12 21:01      
      a likely cause        Erik Malund      01/04/12 07:48      
   Which PIC?        Kalpak Dabir      01/08/12 18:42      

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