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Per Westermark
01/05/12 09:22
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#185325 - You don't need an admin but it helps
Responding to: Aubrey Kagan's previous message
You don't need an administrator. Everyone can be. But it is better to have a single person that does the important stuff and works with policies for what should use branches etc.

It is good to check in documents too. I normally have a subdirectory /doc for the projects which means that Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc are also included (with version control) in the repository. Committing the ECN means that developers working on a project can get a copy of all ECN too.

You can have multiple programs access the repository. There is no difference having multiple programs of yours accessing the repository or multiple persons accessing it. SVN is a multiuser solution. But you should not try to have two client programs perform updates in the same local directory at the same time.

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