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Andy Neil
01/05/12 12:48
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#185338 - Subversion
Responding to: Aubrey Kagan's previous message
Aubrey Kagan said:

You mean: I presume?

recommends using a version control system (VCS) for projects

Not just Altium! I think anyone with any experience would recommend a version control system!

Even for a one-man band, it is important to know what you released to your clients when - and be able to go back to previous versions if questions or issues arise.

and it would seem to me that if the pcbs, schematics and source/object code etc are under version control, then all other documentation like test procedures should be included as well.


It never ceases to amaze me how many companies have strict software version control, maybe even document control - but no control of hardware!

I am currently looking at using SubVersion

I have been using Subversion for years, with the TortoiseSVN client:

Many Clients also use it - including some big-names in this industry.

VCSs that Altium will support

Note that you don't actually need any specific support at all from any tool.
I find it perfectly adequate to just use the VCS to check files in & out to the file system - and then the tools work with those files without needing any awareness at all that any VCS was ever involved!

1. Our ISO procedures require that any change be described in an ECN and approved before the change is implemented and there must be an audit trail.

There are 2 separate issues here:

1. The management of changes - requests, bug reports, approvals, sign-off, etc.
You might want to look at using something like Bugzilla for this.

2. The control of the source files.
This is where you use something like SVN.

2. Discussions on this forum and elsewhere seem to indicate that there must be an “administrator” of the database. Obviously the administrator would be the one to create a repository, but I am unclear as to what the other functions he/she would fulfill.

I use a hosted service: - so they take care of all that stuff!
(they also do a bug-tracker).

(Disclosure: that's my "affiliate" link - I will get a small credit if you sign-up via that link)

SubVersion appears to only work through a command line interface.

Not at all!
As mentioned above, TortoiseSVN is a graphical client:

It seems to me that Altium would work as a shell to SubVersion and although I am sure Altium would work for any file, not everyone here has an Altium seat. TortoiseSVN is also a shell for SubVersion. Am I correct in assuming that TortoiseSVN and Altium are compatible (i.e. they can operate on the same database possibly at the same time)?

See above - no need for Altium (or any other tool) to be involved at all!

4. I have seen mention that SubVersion only has a single overall revision level (which is numeric)

SubVersion has a revision number for each Repository

a) Does SubVersion have that ability to use specific versions of a file in a build?

That's actually getting more into the territory of Configuration Control...

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