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Andy Peters
01/06/12 10:30
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Tucson, Az

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#185353 - repo vs working copy
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
Jez Smith said:
Don't try to use a networked drive as your suppository, it will be pig slow because.....because of complex networky stuff and the way SVN works

Jez, I think you're saying that you don't want to keep your working copy on the network.

The repository should be on the network, and you should check out a working copy to wherever you do your work. (I have checked out working copies onto network shares, and while, yes, there can be penalties involved, those have nothing to do with the SCC and everything to do with how an application deals with the data on which it works.)

Important point: The working copy should be yours and yours alone. Anyone else working on the same project should check out his/her own working copy.

The whole point of a proper revision system is that it handles that sort of bog-standard practice. Of course, it is incumbent on the users to commit changes when necessary, and to also update working copies regularly if others are working on the same thing.


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