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Andy Neil
01/06/12 13:02
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#185355 - What he said!
Responding to: Oliver Sedlacek's previous message
Oliver Sedlacek said:
Subversion ... does what it says on the tin reliably and efficiently.

Thoroughly agree!

1. Subversion is not a documentation control system, it's a file control system. You need something else to handle ECNs.


4. When files that are revision controlled by subversion are issued you only really need to record their subversion revision to have a full record as you can always get files of that revision.

The Subversion "Tag" facility can be very useful here!

In practice it is a good idea to take a snapshot of the files and put them in a 'current production' data folder. Asking all users to check out a specific revision when they want production data is too risky.

I usually only have source files in SVN.
When I do a release, I will take a "snapshot" of the complete build tree - including all output files, etc.

Once you've got the hang of file revision control you will never want to work without it.


Knowing that you can roll back if you've made a mistake is a real boost to productivity.

It's way more than just recoving from mistakes! When you get support calls, it's essential to be able to go back to the version in question!

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