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Andy Peters
01/10/12 09:48
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Tucson, Az

#185413 - re: outdated embedded tool chain
Responding to: Kalpak Dabir's previous message
Kalpak Dabir said:
Andy Peters said:

It's worse than that.

They keep thinking that users want to do FPGA development and embedded micro development in a PCB layout tool!

I made a comment on their forum about "core competencies" and they just don't get it.

Don't get me started on their "vault" concept. Or their idea of implementing a back-end database for purchasing and ERP. It's absurd.

The actual schematic and layout tool are mostly great. The rest of the cruft is for the birds.


And that compiler does not support any of the newer chips like the Arm Cortex series. For that one must buy the Tasking tool chain. And they have no definite plans for updating it in the near future.
I wonder if the bells and whistles are only for justifying a higher price.

Do you remember a couple of years ago, when they renamed the product from DXP to Altium Designer, added the FPGA and embedded support (that could not be deleted), and jacked up the price to something absurd (like 15 large a seat)? We never continued with the maintenance and we told Altium that they were out of their minds. Obviously, we weren't the only company to think that, because they eventually dropped the price-per-seat back to something reasonable. One suspects that Altium's main market -- the small companies who will maintain a handful of seats -- simply balked at the new pricing, and either kept using DXP or DXP 2004, or moved to PADS or OrCad or something.

Altium thinks they're a big-company "Solution Provider." We just want a high-quality layout tool.

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