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Jez Smith
01/12/12 13:44
  01/12/12 13:46

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#185450 - so...
i got to the secret location to hand over the video standards converter for the secret Norwegian secret squirrels, and you can input a very non-standard video input at 60 frames per second, and it squirts out a very nice PAL raster at 50 frames per second hurrah!!!!! we can all go home, after spending ages getting the stupid FIFOs to work properly..only not so fast... when we said in the specification we wanted the output to be PAL at 50 frames per second what we meant was VGA at 57 frames per second how soon can you get it working like that?

I was quite polite under the circumstances.

I mean they have known all along that their display takes a VGA input so why they specified PAL in the specification is beyond me.

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