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Mahmood Elnasser
01/14/12 01:52
  01/14/12 02:12

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#185474 - cheap alarms
Responding to: Ralph Sac's previous message
Doesn't the door lock device sent a rolling 256 bit code so it would be very differcult to intercept in the air wave transmission.

Thanks for the info, few years ago I decoded a cheap car alarm code to use in my table tennis robot and it succeeded, what I noticed in process is that I could intercept my neighbours code when he parks his car and I could dupplicate his code and I was thinking of teasing him by unlocking his car whenever he locks it LOL. But I didn't do this of course because I will be accused of any future robery then.
Yes it is very easy to dupplicate the code and it is a good idea to lock your car with the key instead so that you don't transmit your code.
I'm sure decent cars have encription technique to make it difficult to dupplicate but I'm not sure and I haven't researched it.

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