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Christoph Franck
01/16/12 00:54
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#185509 - No need to know any keys ...
Responding to: Ralph Sac's previous message
Ralph Sac said:
Doesn't the door lock device sent a rolling 256 bit code so it would be very differcult to intercept in the air wave transmission. I like some opinions on this email being true or false?

It's probably false.

However, there's a really easy way of gaining entry into other peoples cars, without the need to know any of the information stored in their key fob - just jam the transmission when they try to lock their doors. Sure, some people might notice that their car doors didn't lock, but the rest will not and just walk away. (Don't jam the transmission twice, so the attentive people will just assume that it was a harmless transmission error).

That little scheme has actually been used around here.

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