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Christoph Franck
01/16/12 01:00
  01/16/12 01:04

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#185510 - Can happen in all kinds of projects ...
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
Jez Smith said:
The incoming video is some completely made up standard never seen before apart from this one product so they had no choice really we quoted them for the extra work and they had to swallow it, but it just goes to show even if you have a specification and you discuss it in detail with the customer it still doesn't mean that they know what they are asking for.

Failure to double-check basically everything will eventually lead to expensive situations.

A friend of mine is building a house right now. It's supposed to have a chimney for a fireplace. Since the house is built to the latest energy efficiency standards, it's fairly airtight and has a ventilation system with heat recovery. That means that the chimney has to be a so-called air/exhaust chimney (it supplies air for the combustion in addition to transporting the exhaust out of the house, since otherwise the ventilation system might actually suck air into the house through the chimney, which is quite bad if there's a fire burning in the fireplace). The architect did keep that in mind ... however, apparently, this information was lost at some point and the chimney that was installed is a completely different brand, and it's not an air/exhaust chimney. Oops. That'll be an .. interesting ... mistake to fix. It'll require more than just a few lines of code and/or some soldering.

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