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Richard Erlacher
01/29/12 19:16
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Denver, Co

#185716 - It's like entropy ...
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
There's nothing you can do to prevent an increase. Stupidity abounds everywhere.

Here in the U.S. there's a big argument about how the economy can be revitalized. Some think it's got to be done by givning more tax breaks to the ultra-rich, while others think it should be done by taxing the p*ss out of the rich and giving the money to the lower-income populace, allowing them to buy more beer and cigarettes.

I believe it's a bit more complicated than that, but until they quit the argument I just mentioned, they'll never stumble onto a real solition. Methinks that the real solution doesn't involve the government so much as the lower-income people, and that includes most of us. If the lower-income folks would (a) stop tipping for bad service, (b) stop paying for poor products, and (c) stop borrowing more than they earn in order to do (a) and (b) things would pick up right away.

It is, after all, a quality thing, and not a quantity thing. The dummies believe that if they have more low-quality products, herinafter specified as crap, just because it's kewl, they'll become prosperous and happy. They buy stuff that looks good but doesn't really work. They pay for lousy food, most of which isn't healthy at all, hence, they become obese, and subsequently have to spend most of their hard-earned $$$ on ultra-costly but relatively ineffective health care. The latter because they've become that, since the best health care is available here in the U.S, anyone who gets health care in the U.S. gets the best, which is a fallacy.

If people in the U.S. had a memory at all, and thought back to the '50's, they'd remember that, back then, if a product was marked, Made in U.S.A, it was of top-drawer quality. Today, it means the label was attachedin the U.S, and little else. If people would (a) go back to doing their job instead of playing all the time, that should, by all measures, produce a high-quality product, and if they'd then(b) spend their money on the stuff that they actually make, they'd have jobs in manufacturing, right here in the U.S, since it's claimed that U.S. labor can still produce the best quality available.

What's more, if they'd pay attention to what they should, minding their own business rather than trying, through church or government, to tell other nations/cultures what to do and how to do it, they'd have less trouble getting along with other nations/cultures.

People like to blame employers for outsourcing jobs. Well, if locals would show up for work and then do their jobs when they do show up, employers wouldn't find it economical to send their jobs to Reallyreallybad, where folks are glad to have a job. They like to blame the high cost of quality products for their unwillingness to buy the products they can build here, but they won't settle for one good product, preferring three pieces of crap instead, because it's kewl to have lots of toys, even if they don't work.

If they'd do what makes sense, they'd have no time for sites like that one you cited. They'd realize they have to keep current in order to remain employed.


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