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Per Westermark
02/03/12 06:24
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#185795 - Still thinking price implies quality
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
People will buy Windows despite the fact it's never going to work properly, at least not until SP3 is released, and, by then, the support will begin to dwindle, because they've got a new version coming out.

How strange then, but Win NT did work well from first release. Win2k, and XP also did very well from first release. Vista was an epic failure but the first releases if Win7 did work well.

It took American car buyers three decades to figure out that Detroit would build worse and worse "crap" so long as people would pay for it.

Don't blame people if they buy a car with their heart instead of their brain. Heart really is an important factor when deciding what is the prefered choice to make. But do blame some corporate guys/gals who did sell dangerous cars despite knowing how deadly they were even at very low-speed impacts, thinking that "what people don't know can't hurt them". To die at just above parking speed most definitely hurt people a lot.

The reason the economy is "circling the bowl" is because people are irresponsible with their spending. If they'd fulfill their duty as responsible consumers, ensuring that they get the best product for their hard-earned money, they'd be able to drive their cars without hassle, and sit on their sofa, and mow their lawns, for as long as they like, rather than having to replace their "stuff" every time something breaks because of the low quality.

The error here is that you have locked down a single sepcific definition of "best product". I do not have a need for a phone that lasts 10 years, if technological improvements lets a phone 2 years from now solve new problems I'm interested in getting solved.

Next thing is that you are constantly equalizing price with quality. Yes, it may be that a cheap american product is a crappy product. But no, that does not mean all products in that price range are crappy. The far east countries are producing lots of stuff in the same price rnage but that have excellent quality. They also produce cheap, crappy stuff, but at an even lower price. And normally intended for their domestic market (since their salaries are smaller than ours, requiring a similar scaling of product costs). However, lots of companies exists that does import these products intended for the domestic market and makes them available here in the west. Quite often at the same price range as the far east "good stuff" (or the western "crappy" stuff).

The responsible thing to do is not to buy expensive things. And often not to buy things with an intended life span of 10 or 30 years. The responsible thing is to check up on a product before buying. Lots of the cheaper stuff have excellent quality. Obviously, you should stay clear of the store chains that specializes in importing specially branded products or who are ordering extra low-quality or low-feature variants of products. They are not doing it to give the end user good products, but to get an extra high margin on their sales. Some of them are also offering money back if you find someone selling the same product at a lower price - obvisouly knowing that they are the only ones who sell that specific customized (down-graded) model.

The people who do that will surely get what they deserve.

The people who do read up, will most definitely get what they deserve. Where high-end, good-quality products at a very nice price. Quality isn't in the name on the badge. And it isn't directly related to price.

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