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Josť A. Ruiz
02/15/12 07:47
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United Kingdom

#185982 - Arbitrary-rate scroll in LED matrix display

This is a question for those with experience with LED matrix displays.

I'm doing some maintenance work on a LED matrix panel that shows scrolling text. The scroll rate in this particular case is hardcoded to the same value as the refresh rate (1 pixel scrolled per display refresh period).

My question is, is this scroll rate common? or if it isn't, which is the usual way to decouple refresh rate from scroll rate?

I need to reduce the scroll rate by a non-integer factor. I have already conducted some experiments without success -- I have tried many obvious solutions and a few not-so-obvious. I will give details if necessary, but right now I think that there's some very basic issue with persistence of vision that I'm not getting right.

So if someone could point me to the 'usual way' of doing arbitrary-rate scrolls in a LED matrix (if there is any), I'd greatly appreciate it.


Josť A. Ruiz

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