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Joseph Hebert
02/20/12 15:07
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Okemah, Ok
United States

#186080 - Liquid Photoresist
Responding to: Satish S Munot's previous message
Hi Satish,

I've been making prototype circuit boards since the early 1980's, and yes, I've tried photosensitizing my own. I can tell you up front that even if you find a supplier for liquid photoresist who will sell it to an individual (environmental liability issues here), the cost of the equipment you'll need to successfully use the stuff will far more than off-set anything you might save over buying your boards presensitized. And that's before you start adding the cost of waste. You're not just going to have the normal waste associated with a less than 100% efficient process. You're also going to waste a lot of material learning how to use the stuff successfully.

If you're already set up to process photosensitive boards for etching, buy presensitized boards. And if you haven't even done that yet, follow everyone else's advice and just send the Gerber data to any one of the plethora of cheap prototype board shops that are easily findable on the internet. You'll save yourself more time, money and frustration than you can imagine.


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