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Jecksons Ben
02/26/12 01:41
  02/26/12 01:43

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#186202 - Hopefully not dead end.
Responding to: Jecksons Ben's previous message
Did I get additonal bonus?

I'm still persuit the low cost networks also and natural disaster sensors.
Of course all of electronics must be imported.
And that means that moneys will go back again.

I'm depended with high volumes to avoid mark-up or corruption for tender and sale price.

The reason for that cause increased prices of land.
I'm going to test the new way for farmer that will produced 3X times harvest.

Kindly 300,please.3X

For additional replacement,
If there's no network dominion(off line) then we could used another ways.I already sent the clue,but when lot of need it then I'll sent complete the "top of Ice",cause all of you able to built completely(below of the Iceberg).
Imagine that off-line dominion also..

Thank you
Jeckson S Ben

Fundamental items are more important than foundation work.

We couldn't sent letters/infos to others when didn't have PC or similiar perhaps typewrite.

Letters/info from hand write also need a pen/a pencil ;-).

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