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Dejan Durdenic
02/26/12 03:04
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Velika Gorica

#186204 - BYV 68-200 diode
I have to replace this diode in an old design with something not obsolete, but can't find datasheet anywhere. All I know is that it's a 200V fast recovery diode, but not how many Amps does it hold. It's made by ST. Any help appreciated.

- Dejan

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BYV 68-200 diode      Dejan Durdenic      02/26/12 03:04      
   Are you sure, BYV68 ?      Kai Klaas      02/26/12 07:39      
   Typo Possible??      Michael Karas      02/26/12 12:22      
      Really...      Dejan Durdenic      02/27/12 13:25      

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