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Per Westermark
03/02/12 05:54
  03/02/12 06:00

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#186354 - Descriptive?
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Saw the "Use a descriptive subject"?

You think "Help me" is descriptive? How is that different from all other threads - you think all others do not want help?

You found a button "Insert Program Code" and got some text claiming "...insert code here". Didn't you notice something strange with your code? Did it really look good? Did you really insert your code between the two tags? You feel the code is easy to read?

Not sure what kiel C is. I know that Kiel is a big town in Germany. There are a well known product named Keil. Is is that one you mean?

Working in Proteus but not in real hardware - so what could be the difference? All connections correct? All timing correct? All signal levels correct? Can Proteus tell you that?

You are stuck for a long time? How long time? And what have you been doing for that long time? What have you tested? What did you expect? What really happened? What was your assumptions/guesses based on the difference between expected and real behaviour? What is your plans for continued work with the code?

Are we exepcted to read the code as-is, or are you going to edit or repost so the code gets proper indentation?

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