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Andy Neil
03/03/12 06:12
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#186380 - You really, really need to get an oscilloscope!
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Raju M said:
I have no oscilloscope to check the response of TX & RX.

You really, really need to get an oscilloscope!!

Trying to do electronics without an oscilloscope is like trying to do carpentry without a saw!

when powered up, beep sound was coming from transmitter (so i am thinking that TX is working)

You should not be able to hear 40kHz as a "beep"!!

"ultrasonic" means beyond the range of hearing - so, if you can hear it, there's something wrong!

In the receiver section i am using audio amplifier

Again, "ultrasonic" means beyond the range of audio - are you sure this "audio" amplifier is correctly designed for 40kHz?

How can i check the response of the receiver circuit using multimeter.

You can't!

Multimeters are useless for any sort of rapidly-varying signal.

Raju M said:

Did you mean to link to these pages:

Note that they are pages, not images - so you cannot link them as images!

To link as images, you need to go to the page, and find the URL of the image itself; eg, in MS-IE, by right-clicking the image and choosing 'Properties'

And always use the 'Preview' to confirm that your post is correct before you post it!

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