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Richard Erlacher
03/03/12 08:10
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Denver, Co

#186384 - A few things ...
Responding to: ???'s previous message
First of all, it's not necessary, or even helpful, to post the same question on both the 8052 and the Chat forum on 8052.COM. The 8052 forum is for 805x-related issues. If you have peripheral issues involving an 805x MCU, that can still be posted on the 8052 forum. If it only is a question relating to a peripheral, or a general mcu/electronics question, it goes on the chat board.

Secondly, if you want help, you must provide enough information so that one reading your post will be able to understand what you're doing. This means you must tell us what your MCU is, the complete specification, including ALL the component specification digits, at what rate you're operating it (oscillator frequency) and what code you're using is. BTW, don't list raw unformatted code. Read the item on this website regarding how to post formatted code, and absolutely include comments that indicate what you hope the code is doing.

Above all, read the datasheet thoroughly and take notice of the timing specifications. Keep in mind, too, that it's not easy to generate precise timing delays in high-level language. The most certain way to generate those delays required in the setup of many LCD's is to use assembly language routines possibly, but not necessarily involving timers. You might find that reading the writeups on 8052.COM regarding character LCD's is helpful.

One thing of particular interest might be the contrast voltage. What voltage have you applied?

Nobody can help you on the basis of what you've written so far.

There are ways in which you can do this without extensive support equipment. However, YOU MUST DO THE PREPARATION. You must thoroughly read and understand the datasheet of your MCU and of the LCD. Keep in mind, too, that not all datasheet app-notes work as they should. Read/study the datasheets and understand them, and you won't need to guess.


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